In-Patient Services

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Your Stay At Zenith

The Hospitable Staff ensure a smooth admission process. Corporate patients must carry all documents, inclusingdoctors advice letter, letter of credit, ID card and medical treatment book. Please note that cashless hospitalization requires policy papers /TPA card. Zenith offers 175 beds in a range of configurations that patients can choose from on arrival .
  Super Deluxe Cabin                                               General Beds
  Single Beds AC Cabin                                           NICU
  Double Beds AC Cabin                                         ICCU
  Three Beds AC Cabin                                             HDU
  Four Beds AC Cabin                                               Pediatric Beds                                                      

Transparent Treatment Process

Zenith ensure that the treatment procedures are first explained to the patient, and performed only after an agreement. Hospitalization and invasive procedures take place after written consent.

You may receive several bills from Zenith for the services you received. These bills may include:
The Hospital or Facility fee (room rent, OT charges, medicines, service charges, and other expenses)
The Doctor or Healthcare professional service fee
Anesthesia fees, if anesthesia is needed to perform a procedure
Radiology and/or pathology professional service fees, if you have x-rays or some types of lab work
Zenith accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards and pay orders in favour of Zenith Super Specialist Hospital.
Zenith does not accept cheques.

All the required medication is to be purchased at the pharmacy.

• Visitors are allowed upstairs only during visiting hours as per respective floors.

• Children below the age of 12 are allowed in ward only on Sunday during visiting hours.
  They are not permitted in the HDU/ICCU/PICU/NICU units.

• A 24-hour special pass is provided only for single rooms. The pass is issued at the time of admission.